Friend Actions – Winter 2015

Merrymakers and Presents are our two neighbor actions. Learn the details after the break.

Updated on Dec. 24th


Merrymakers in neighbors’ towns yield 3 Festive Hats and 1 Bauble for the first 9 taps, but only 1 of each for the remaining 41 taps. 3 Baubles per tap. 50 taps in total or approximately 17 neighbors. This yields a total of 68 Festive Hats and 50 150 Baubles.

Note: While I have confirmed the number of friend actions in my game, others report numbers as low as 45.

You and your neighbors are limited to gifting 5 10 Presents in a single town at a time. You get 5 10 Presents every 24 hours. They do not rollover. (You can not hold onto more than 5 10 at a time.)


The Naughty and Nice minigame is not too complicated. One neighbor chooses Naughty or Nice when dropping a Present in another town, and that other person also makes a choice between Naughty and Nice. A broken version of the Prisoner’s Dilemma, it tempts a player to gift Naughty, which yields the highest reward of 25 Bows if the other neighbor is Nice, where they will get only 1 Bow. Playing Nice on both sides yields 15 Bows for each player. Lastly, playing Naughty on both sides yields 5 Bows each.

The general rule is to play Nice. Not only is this mutually beneficial, it yields a greater total over time, with a player more likely to gift a Present if the risk of getting only 1 Bow is low. With only 5 Presents available to gift per day, the risk of a wasted gift is too high to play Naughty as a strategy.

Presents can be dropped off at Other Springfield. There is no guarantee as to how the gifts are opened there. It is assumed to be random. Either way, it is not as beneficial to play there as it does not help your actual neighbors, nor are any Presents ever gifted back.


One comment on “Friend Actions – Winter 2015

  1. […] Merrymakers spawn every 5 minutes in your town. They reward 3 Festive Hats and 1 Bauble for each tap. Merrymakers also appear in neighbor towns, where they reward 3 or 1 Festive Hats and 1 Bauble. Check out the friend actions post for more details on that. […]


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