Merrymakers – Winter 2015

Merrymakers are cheering up our towns with their presence and then spacing out on some good Squishee! Find out how many will be visiting your town.

Merrymakers spawn at a fixed rate of 1 every 5 minutes. There is no way to increase this. Over an hour, there will be 12. Over four hours, there will be 48. And over five hours, there will be 60. There can only be 40 Merrymakers in your town at one time, with an additional 20 cached. That’s the reason for stopping at the 60 figure. Five hours is the longest you can play before losing Merrymakers and their hats and baubles.

For a 16 hour day, making sure to clear Merrymakers every four (to five) hours, yields 192 Merrymakers and the same number of baubles and 576 hats. An additional 60 Merrymakers and baubles and 180 hats will be there to wake up to (if you sleep). A possible total each day of 252 baubles and 756 hats. Over the nine and a half days of the first act, that is 2394 baubles and 7182 hats.

See the Friend Actions post for the Merrymaker details when visiting neighbors.


2 comments on “Merrymakers – Winter 2015

  1. CrimsonCrafted says:

    Didn’t know that, I just go to my Springfield every 3 sec ☺. Guess I’ll play every 4 hours or when a task is over then (Christmas Time).


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