Event Currency Rates – Maggie Special

This post explores the rates of event currency production. Pacifiers/Soothers. Continue after the break to learn every detail.

Main Event Prize Track Currency

Act 3 – Maggie Special

Pacifier Pacifiers (AKA Soothers AKA Dummies) are rewarded from sending Maggie and Marge on tasks, and from tapping Imaginary Bears (see below).

The Slide Factory, a premium building, generates Pacifiers at a rate of 22.5 an hour (135 Pacifiers every 6 hours).

Marge has a joint task with Maggie (8h task to earn 18 Pacifiers). Maggie can earn Pacifiers from all of her tasks. The same goes for premium character Lucille Botzcowski. Check out the following table.

Maggie’s (and Lucille Botzcowski’s) Tasks
Time Reward Hat Rate
60m 1 Pacifier 1/h
4h 6 Pacifiers 1.5/h
8h Pacifiers 1.125/h
12h 12 Pacifiers 1/h
24h 18 Pacifiers 0.75/h

Imaginary Bears spawn every 5 minutes in your town. A max of 40 bears can be in your town at one time with an additional 20 cached, for a total of 60 every 5 hours. They reward 8 Pacifiers for each tap. Imaginary Bears also appear in neighbor towns, where they reward 3 or 1 Pacifiers. Check out the friend actions post for more details on that.

Note: There is no crafting currency during this act.

Other Currency

Loyalty_Stamp Loyalty Stamps can still be used to upgrade the Hot Squishee Station. They generate at a rate of 2 stamps every 4h task. There is no shorter or longer task for this. Premium characters are rewarded 4 stamps every 4hrs.

Donut Rushing for Event Currency


Donut rushing for character tasks that earn Pacifiers remains the same as for earning money, 2 donuts every 4 hours.

Each prize that costs Pacifiers has a different ratio.

Prize 1 costs 5 donuts every 45 Pacifiers that is rushed.

Prize 2 costs 5 donuts every 86.25 Pacifiers that is rushed. (I’m not sure if this is rounded up or down.)

Prize 3 costs 5 donuts every 164 Pacifiers that is rushed.

Prize 4 costs 5 donuts every 120 Pacifiers that is rushed.

I don’t have access to the Slide Factory to check its figures but they most likely run similar to the buildings from the last act.


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