Pacifier Breakdown – Maggie Special

What is the average amount of Pacifiers there is to get in the Maggie Special act while playing diligently?

Without considering any premiums, let’s break it down by tasks and taps.

Daily play reward:

The daily play reward varies incrementally each day, from 150 Pacifiers to 500 Pacifiers. Every 5 days that total will be 1400 Pacifiers. Over 17 days, on average (an approximation due to everyone having a different daily reward and the total days not being divisible by 5), the total amount of Pacifiers will by 4760.
1400/5d x 17d = 4760

Imaginary Bears:

In your local town you will get 8 Pacifiers for every bear, 12 bears an hour. Tapping every 4 hours, 4 times a day equals 1536 Pacifiers. Add a 5 hour overnight collection and the daily total is approximately 2016 Pacifiers.
8 x 12/h x 4h x 4 + 8 x 12/h x 5h = 2016
Over 17 days, that will come to 34,272 Pacifiers.
2016 x 17d = 34272

When visiting neighbors you will get 3 Pacifiers for the first 9 bears tapped plus 1 Pacifier for each of the next 41 bears equals 68 Pacifiers each day.
3 x 9 + 1 x 41 = 68
Over 17 days, that comes to 1156 Pacifiers.
68 x 17d = 1156

Maggie tasks:

If you send Maggie on her 4 hour task (the one with the best Pacifier earning ratio) 4 times a day, you’ll earn 24 Pacifiers a day.
6/4h x 4 = 24
Over 17 days, that will be 408 Pacifiers.
24 x 17d = 408

Marge tasks:

Sending Marge on her joint task with Maggie once a night (as opposed to 3 times a day) will yield 18 Pacifiers per day.
18/8h = 18
That will be 306 Pacifiers over 17 days.
18 x 17d = 306


An average of 2406 Pacifiers can be earned each day (with diligent tapping), with a total of 40,902 Pacifiers earned over the 17 days. The final prize only requires 27,400 Pacifiers, leaving you with a 13,502 Pacifier overflow that can be used in the bonus rounds.


9 comments on “Pacifier Breakdown – Maggie Special

  1. davidbo33 says:

    Great info. I’ve been sending Marge to walk Maggie nonstop during the event and waking up to a full town (but probably only missing out on an average of an hours worth of bears) so I’ll see how close to 40,902 I can get. Nice site btw. 😀


    • Well, I’m embarrassed now. 😨 One of my “friends” (you’re my neighbor…that’s to what I am referring…😒) has seen my dorky site! Glad you like it!! 🙌

      I’m not sure how close I got last act. I calculated 3 rounds of bonuts, but only got 2. I’m looking forward to hearing your total. I’ll share mine, too.


      • davidbo33 says:

        I got two right rounds of bonuts last act and missed a third by just a couple hundred. But I know I went over the final prize with the last upgrade and since it doesn’t carry over I missed out on some there. Oh well, I’ll never have all the donuts I want and I’ve long learned to live with it. The premium items are fun, but can still have plenty of fun as a freemium player.

        And I’ll accept friend, no quotations necessary. 😊


        • I’m pretty sure I didn’t go over by much, but I also missed a few hours timing here and there. It adds up.

          Well, um, thanks, friend. See you here or there, in this post or another.


        • davidbo33 says:

          Perhaps I’ve made things a bit awkward. Of course there are all kinds…”friends”, friends, Friends (I’m a bit of a “Chandler”)…pal, amigo, buddy, chum, comrade, mate.

          “I’m a well-wisher, in that I don’t wish you any specific harm.” I put that in quotes not just because it’s a direct quote from Moe (and a personal favorite) but because, I, of course don’t wish ill-will on you…or anyone. 😏


        • Awkward? That’s my middle name. Were you to learn my last name (assuming you’ve ascertained my first name) I predict a great imbalance in, um, in the, let’s say, the Force. Why not.

          I consider you, at least, a “chat friend”, in that we chat in a friendly manner. Other definitions may be acceptable, too. No awkwardness over it (any more….). Sorry if my joking embarrassment (*cough*) made things weird. Like I said, who’s my middle name? (Wait…that doesn’t sound right….)


        • I like that quote, too. But could I not say that about a lot of Simpsons quotes? 😁


        • Davidbo33 says:

          Chat friend is an apt description.

          Names…that’s tough. If you’ve said it in the comments, I must have missed it. While I do read most, there are certainly some I miss. Mine is not so tough, but I’m not clever with screen names.

          And who doesn’t love a good quote? I think that’s what’s missing from newer era Simpsons. Instead of several quotable lines there is maybe one or two per episode (if even that).


        • No, I have not said my name on the forum. I jokingly meant “Simp” as my first name.

          My screen name really isn’t more clever. I purposely tried to make it sound very genetic. It might as well have been my initials, in terms of creativity. Not that yours isn’t… 😜


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