Where’s Maggie? minigame

A new mini-game is here. Let’s try to set straight the one variable: time.

Where's Maggie? Guide

Update: The minigame still functions after the takedown update, therefore it is no longer considered part of the Maggie Special.

The amount of time given for Where’s Maggie? varies depending on how many of specific buildings you have placed.

The base amount of time is 30 seconds. The lowest amount there is when playing is 32 seconds (as the Simpson house cannot be stored).

Every building (except the brown house and Bart’s Treehouse) adds 2 seconds to the countdown total. These single buildings have no complications.

  • Simpson House
  • Cletus Farm
  • Van Houten House
  • Springfield Elementary
  • Springfield Library
  • Android’s Dungeon
  • First Church of Springfield
  • Moe’s Tavern
  • Police Station
  • Luigi’s
  • Retirement Castle
  • Town Hall
  • Springfield Wax Museum
  • Ziff Corp Office Building

The first of buildings that you can have multiples of (such as the purple house) adds 2 seconds, while the extras add 0.5 seconds (rounded down), to the countdown total.

  • Krusty Burger
  • Purple House
  • Blue House
  • Pink House
  • White House
  • Orange House
  • Lard Lad Donuts

One of each building sets the timer to 1 minute 12 seconds. With all multiples maxed out, there is a max of 2 minutes (according to the wiki).

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