Event Currency Rates – Deep Space Homer

This post explores the rates of event currency production. Certification Stars. Continue after the break to learn every detail.

[Certification Star currency]NARA Certification Stars (AKA Certification Stars AKA Stars) are rewarded from sending Homer and Mayor Quimby and others on tasks (mainly at the Space Training Center). The common 3 hour task earns at a rate of ⅓ Star an hour.

The Space Shuttle Simulator, a premium building, and the Space Training Center generate Stars at a rate of 1⅔ an hour (5 Stars every 3 hours).

Donut Rushing for Event Currency


Donut rushing for character tasks that earn Stars remains the same as for earning money, 2 donuts every 4 hours. For character tasks at 3 hours the rush rate is 2 Donuts per Star. 1 Donut per Star for premium.

The Space Training Center rush rate is 0.4 Donuts per Star.

The Space Shuttle Simulator cannot be rushed.


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