Thoughts on Star Wars: The Force Awakens

This is a completely off-topic, unrelated to TSTO, post about the latest Star Wars film. Skip if you’re not interested, and skip if you haven’t seen it.

Notes: This post may be laid out in a random fashion. I don’t have a synopsis for you (or me). I haven’t seen it in about a month. I will probably get all the names wrong. Feel free to correct me. I will make corrections to egregious errors.

Before the Beginning

The beginning begins before the movie even began. What little that I did know about the movie entailed watching the first couple of trailers and gleaming who would be the star (Rey), knowing that the New Hope stars would make cameos (or more), and that the director was J. J. Abrams.

I liked what Abrams had done with the Star Trek reboot. Intellectually you can find issues with it, a disparity from the original series and movies. But for a purely fun experience that gets you involved in the movie and hopeful for a better sequel, having him as director made sense.

I go into the viewing with this on my mind, that I may see more action and explosions (and lense flairs (and there were plenty to “ignore”)). I also go in expecting to see the black Storm Trooper, Rey, and that cute little droid. These are the only real distractions, prejudices, that I bring with me.

Oh, yeah, where’s my 20th Century Fox fanfare? (I know, it was not going to happen, but it’s still in my head.) The crowd cheered when we heard the fanfare during the prequel showings. (After that, I don’t recall…) Instead, this seemed to go quietly into the movie. I almost felt like I missed part of the movie when I saw the text show on screen (even though I was watching the entire time).

Easing Into It

Before too far into the movie I started to question why I should be excited at all. Was this really a “Star Wars” movie without some involvement from George Lucas? (You can tell here that I have little familiarity with the “Expanded Universe”. I was never interested in watching the Clone Wars cartoon, for instance.) Would this movie have any meaning in the SW universe? (Continue reading to find out…)

The crawl appears. I read it. I learn that this entire movie revolves around Luke. Luke? So, not a reboot and not a story that distances itself from the last ones. (Spoiler alert: He does not “physically” show up until the end.)

The ships flying look good. The first scene I remember is that of the Storm Troopers landing on a planet and taking out a village. This is where Finn comes in. You see him reacting to the violence against his own kind, followed by the order to commit violence against innocent people. This is good, storywise.

The Story Takes Off

Side rant: The 3D that seeks to plant itself in all of our movies is pretty annoying. If you choose to watch in 2D then you will still be seeing these things, usually flying out in an awkward fashion. I don’t recall them being any less weird if you do happen to view 3d movies in 3D. FYI: I have not seen this movie in 3D.

At some point Kylo Ren stops a blaster shot using the Force. This is where the 3D first seemed odd and where I was confronted with the fact that it was intended to be a 3D movie. Cool effect nonetheless, just kind of in my face. This detracted from the movie, for me. I was still questioning what kind of movie this would be in the end.

We follow Finn, see his face, see him have issue with his superiors, and see him attempt to escape by joining up with “the pilot” [insert name here]. (As I’ve read others say, this guys was supposedly supposed to be an important character, but he’s gone for most of the movie and that resulted in me not knowing his name….) They escape and land on the planet of Jakku. Update: all other appearances of “the pilot” have been changed to “Poe Dameron”; info from user DrTyler.

Poe Dameron mysteriously disappears while Finn wakes up and escapes the crashed air vehicle (*sigh*) before it is swallowed up by the creature of the ground (love that kind of thing in SW).

Rey and BB-8

We switch over to Rey. We see nothing particularly special about her. (Might be obvious, the parallels to A New Hope. We’ll keep seeing them. They’re not a bad thing exactly, but sometimes too on the nose.) We see her rescue BB-8, possibly her first use of the Force (because she was pretty damn convincing). At some point I like her a lot. She’s a good star for the movie, irrespective of the actual details of the script.

We see the importance of BB-8 when the junk dealer tries to buy it. (The junk dealer is the first CGI character and it shows. I’m so glad no CGI character was a main character. Imagine if wookiees were created after CGI came into being. Those wookiees would have “immaculate” CGI fur…) It’s a cute little droid. (It makes R2-D2 seem huge by comparison.)

Kylo Ben

The scenes with Kylo Ren were not as great for me when he had the mask off. His voice was soft and his nose and hair stood out. He didn’t seem very menacing (and that’s okay if that’s not what he was supposed to be). I did appreciate that he wasn’t afraid to demask. (But if there was no reason, then, I’m not sure what to think of the getup.)

Kylo simply being “Ben” to his parents felt a little too familiar, too soon. If they waited for the sequel then it would be just like Empire Strikes Back, so maybe they were trying to avoid that, but the problem was that I didn’t want to know all about him just yet. (Maybe that was the problem with the prequels…getting to know Vader too intimately…)

Role Reprisals

Seeing Ford, Fischer, and Hamil reprise their roles was enjoyable, up to a point. I was glad that the involvement of Leia was minimal. Luke will be important, of course, but that’s for the next movie. Han’s involvement felt a bit pushed on, probably due to his death scene and therefore needing his role to not go to waste. I don’t say “for an emotional connection” because it wasn’t a great connection, only based on the previous movies. I didn’t feel any connection between Han and Ben. (That makes sense since Ben then kills him…)

It was good to see Chewbacca again. He seemed to act a little different from what I remember. (I remember him complaining a lot and getting mad.) Was he always so egotistical?

The Dark Side empowers the Light Side

The First Order seemed to be an obvious parallel to the Nazi Regime. Maybe that’s always been true, but it made it really hard to ever want to join the Dark Side…

Then they blew up a galaxy? I wasn’t sure why. To show their power, I’m sure. So, important theory here: I believe this is where Rey increased her power with the Force. When that entire galaxy of people, of which I’m certain there was some Jedi, ceased to exist, their power transferred over. This is where the “Force awakened”.

Seeing Rey easily control the Force, with no Jedi training, seemed a bit unbelievable at first. I rolled with it, but with my theory to explain it I believe that makes it make sense. It’s up to the sequel to prove it right or wrong, to explain it in some way.

That Finn seemed to have excellent control of his light saber is where I was remained in a state of disbelief. Storm Troopers are known for just not being very good. (Maybe there’s promotion within the ranks for the ones that excel in battle and those become important leaders or emperors or whatever. It’s not canon, as far as I know, though.) Why was he so good, being that he kept calling himself a janitor?

Reviewing at Light Speed

Okay, I’m spacing a lot here. Time for some overall impressions.

I thought that the level of action in the movie was very good. The pacing between action and “drama” (i.e. quieter scenes) was very good. Enough room to relax before the stress of an action scene but not too much that you sat there bored.

The level of comedy was high enough (maybe even a little too high). I was in a good mood while watching the film.

There’s a few more parts I might go over later, or in the comments (if I get any…).


The movie was very good. It fits in well with the spirit of the Original Trilogy. The new characters were very enjoyable.

I was not ready for the movie to be over. I would have sat there for an additional 2 hours.

The director did his job and got me excited and ready for the entire trilogy. I can only hope that it does actually go somewhere good, not relying on fluffy action and cute characters. I hope I enjoy Luke’s role. I look forward to more of Rey and Finn, and maybe even Poe Dameron.


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  2. DrTyler says:

    I’m almost certain that Rey is a lost Skywalker, somehow. Not only is she clearly a strong Force user, but the Skywalker lightsaber “called” to her.
    (Although, as an aside, I do have to take issue with the statement in the film that it was Luke’s saber and his father’s before him. Anakin’s lightsaber was lost and Luke built his own. This was one of the only errors the movie really made.)
    Also, I was struck over and over by how much she looks like Padme. Granted, this could be a coincidence just because Daisy Ridley was awesome (she clearly was) but I can’t think it isn’t going somewhere. It’s been a long time since RotJ, maybe Luke had a daughter.


    • Yeah, I feel like the assertion that she is Luke’s daughter is extremely plausible. Who is the mother?, would be my question. Another Jedi, is the theory I agree with, which explains the strength she possesses (even with no formal training).


      • My girlfriend says that Rey may have been amongst the class that was trained by Luke. Though, wouldn’t they normally focus on just one pupil at a time? Maybe an exception was made for Ben and Rey both being family.


      • DrTyler says:

        Well, they’ve thrown the expanded universe out the window, but in my heart I would just love it if the mother was Mara Jade. Perhaps a new character, though. The way she was seemingly dumped in the desert makes me think Luke didn’t know about her; maybe he had a fling with someone who was killed or being pursued by his enemies, so she hid their child away.
        Doubt Rey was a student because she had no flashbacks of being a student, unless he was training toddlers.
        And, again, they’ve thrown out the EU books, but Luke started a Jedi academy in order to train multiple students at once, because he was the last and needed to build the ranks again. It looks like they may have kept that aspect.


        • Controversial comment; controversial reply? 😛

          Wasn’t she dumped into the desert the same as Luke was dumped with his uncle? (Look for the parallels, you’ll see them.) He felt shame for training Ben wrong, and I’d say he quit and went into hiding, meaning he’d have to drop Rey off somewhere, too.

          I remember the prequels having a lot of very young kids in training. I’m not sure about toddlers, but if she was your daughter wouldn’t you start her on her path early? I say that it’s possible she was trained as a toddler, yes.

          The reason for her being dumped into Jakku besides his shame? I don’t know. If there even is another reason. My guess might be that since she is so Force-strong that he wanted her to have nothing to do with the Jedis. Of what to make of the flashback sequence…well, I’ll really have to review that scene again, with annotations, to understand what happened there. So, I’ll have to take your word for the clarity there.


        • DrTyler says:

          Luke was left with family, someone to raise him and watch over him. Obi wan stayed close to watch him as well. Rey is shown to have no family. She makes her living scavenging wrecks and eats her supper alone on an AT-AT foot. Someone left her there when she was a child, someone she desperately hopes will return because she has no one else.
          Despite his implied failure with Ben, if Luke knew he had a child, he wouldn’t leave her to fend for herself. Also, untrained Jedi power is probably just asking for trouble. You could end up with a manipulative sociopath who mind-tricks their way through victims. I think if she is his daughter and he knew about her, he would have taken her with him into exile, or told Leia to protect her (at least from afar) or, at the very least, found someone to actually care for her. If he would leave his daughter to fend for herself in a place like Jakku, then he’s a bad person. Since that seems unlikely, I conclude that he didn’t know. I think it most likely that leaving her there was a panic move of a pursued mother, who may well have been killed shortly thereafter.
          This is all, of course, presuming that she is a Skywalker which is only confirmed in my own mind 🙂


        • Don’t paint your Luke theory into a corner. It started to sound like there’s no way he could be the father.

          One issue I imagine is that if he was “unknowingly” a father, wouldn’t he be sensing in the Force that he was and be looking for her instead of hiding out on some planet? I think he had to have known in order to leave her there. Why there and why alone? Maybe there will be a reveal of that aspect of the story in the ep8, I hope.


    • I’m not sure about your aside. Wasn’t that quote only from the trailer. I looked out for the few things I saw in trailers and that one never showed up. Will have to confirm on my second viewing. If only the trailer, even if Mark Hamil newly recorded the lines, it still isn’t official if it’s not in the movie. I agree that it would be wrong.

      Another part I’m sure is missing is Kylo Ren dragging his saber across the ground while they’re in the woods. I think he has his helmet on in the trailer but didn’t in the movie.


    • People have been comparing Rey with Padme. I’m not one of them. What reasons do you find that they seem similar? Body type?


      • DrTyler says:

        Her face, particularly when she smiles, is strikingly similar to Natalie Portman’s face. She also has a similar accent. And yes, body type, but that’s nearly every actress, isn’t it? It’s all about the face, the nose shape, the cheekbones… and her jawline is like a combination of Carrie Fisher and Natalie Portman, which, yeah, makes me think she’s a Skywalker.

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        • DrTyler says:

          Actually, thinking on it, her accent is actually similar to Kiera Knightly, Portman’s doppelganger. So scratch the accent part. But I still think she looks like Portman.

          (I hope that worked. Would love a preview function.)


        • Thanks for the pics. (Don’t you know I was just getting you to fetch pictures of Natalie and Daisy? 😉 ) (Speaking of, I fixed your pics so they’d show. Continued below real comment…)

          I’m not sure I see the similarity. I mean, “all white girls look alike” and all that 😉 but they seem different to me. I get familiar with movie stars, so I can see that “she has this kind of nose” or “that kind of ear”. Well, basically like that. I can agree that they’re in the same category, like slender, short?, similar faces (nothing huge or too tiny). The smiles seem a bit more distinct, but I haven’t seen much of Daisy’s smile, so maybe that’s my problem. (Also, change your hair color and you’re a completely different person… lol)

          I think you have to end your image links with “.jpg” or “.png” and the like for them to display. These ended in “?2” and that made them show as simple page links.

          I agree about having a preview function. It would be great. But I don’t think I can add that on a free account, just whatever is available to me in the offered widgets and settings.

          But there is a trick to making it preview a comment. You have to be logged out, make your comment, log in, and when you submit it takes you to a second page to enter your password. On the right is a preview of your post, with emoticons and images and everything. Of course that’s only worth doing for complicated posts, like with images.


  3. DrTyler says:

    Oh, and on the topic of non-speculation, I dearly want to see Chewie rip Kylo Ren into tiny shreds. That’s one I doubt will happen, I just want it to.

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    • That mad about Han?

      To get all wild-and-crazy, how about he learns the Force and Force-rips off Kylo Ren’s arms? 😉


      • DrTyler says:

        Mad? The only time I’ve cried harder was at a literal funeral for a literal childhood friend. I grew up with these characters, they were a huge part of my life. I’m not sure there are adequate words in the English language to really express the emotion, but I suppose you could say I’m mad.

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        • Thanks for your honesty. Sorry about your past loss.

          I’m a kind of private person, so when I went to some funerals for people that I knew very well I held back most tears (but I did have some!) and I’m not sure that I cried later on in private or anything.

          But, since it was all private to begin with I actually did cry badly when Kurt Cobain died (killed himself). That was my first (or second) tearful moment ever (in memory). I think that was before the other people I knew died, so I excuse myself for having diminishing returns on tears through the years. 😉

          And because, what the hell, I’ll continue to share too much, I have cried hard recently (after these other funerals) when I watch Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, which is about 9/11 from the point of view of a young boy. Every time! lol

          *cough* So, I’m definitely capable of having a reaction, but just didn’t happen here. I didn’t exactly grow up with SW, just the culture. I didn’t actually watch the film until my late teens. I was more involved with the prequels (which weren’t that great save for the last one), but there’s exactly zero Han Solo in them. There’s some wookiees, though. hah!


        • DrTyler says:

          Thanks. The funeral I mentioned was the first time someone I really loved had died, and she was 25 years old so it was genuinely shocking. It was difficult to really process that she was dead, and when it actually hit me, I basically turned into a faucet. It might seem silly to compare a fictional character to a dear friend, but it kind of was a similar reaction. “Han can’t die, this isn’t right, swearword swearword swearword!” Faucet.
          (I knew it was coming from the moment Kylo Ren said “I know what I must do.” I started freaking out at that point. Quietly, because theater, but I was freaking out.)
          I saw Star Wars the first time when I was eight. Any time I was sick and staying home from school, I watched the trilogy. I consumed the novels for years. Basically, I spent ridiculous amounts of time with these characters growing up.
          Then the first prequel came out and just… sucked. It sucked horribly. It was years before I was willing to watch the second and third prequels, and I thought those were also terribly disappointing. If I never hear about midi-bleeping-chlorians or galaxy politics again, I’ll be happy.
          It’s telling that Empire Strikes Back and Force Awakens are probably the best films in the whole saga, and neither was written or directed by George Lucas. I think taking the franchise away from him was the only way to save it.

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        • You can swear here. At least PG-13. I mean, we’re all at least 13, right? Those sign-up forms say you’re agreeing to being 13.. lol. Just don’t get confused between sites when you curse. 😉

          People that comfort you are your friends, fictional or not. Just those people that seek to judge us tell us that we might be a little “crazy” if we care about fictional things. Sometimes love is fictional but it doesn’t mean that the hugs you get with it aren’t pleasant and healthy for your mind.

          So, we get to talk about the Prequels now? 😀 I’m not sure the exact information, but didn’t Lucas only have more direct involvement in ep1 and ep4? 2, 3, 5, 6 might not even have been written by him? 7 obviously. Anyways, 2 and 3 aren’t too bad. 3 seemed better to me. But, well, don’t take the word of the DVDs and Blu-rays. I had this impression when I was in the theater (in the 90’s) and Lucas knows they’re not the same on every re-release.


  4. brooders says:

    waves hiya! Just wanted to add how shocked I was and extremely upset re Han solo…I cried my heart out ♡


    • Hey! (You partly inspired me to write my post. Glad to be able to get the discussion on!)

      I’ve heard that sentiment from some people. For me, maybe at most, I was just upset that they wrote that in…didn’t feel right, storywise or directorwise. Not as much that it made me feel sad. I think I would have been much more sad if Chewy was killed.

      I’d like to hear more about why you (or others) felt that way. Maybe I didn’t emotionally invest myself enough into it. Or is it just because I’m a guy? lol

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      • DrTyler says:

        I actually thought it was a bold story choice, understand the reasons entirely. It was a good way to introduce the nature of a Sith to a new audience, and even to an old audience. The boy chose evil over his own father, which was probably one of his final tests in training as a Sith Lord (evidenced by his master saying he was ready for the next stage of his training near the end of the film.) I still wept like one of my oldest friends had died, though. I still felt heartbroken for Chewbaca, who swore a life debt to Han that he’s now failed to fulfill. And for Leia, who convinced Han he needed to speak to their son, only to feel him die. It was a poignant scene, obviously designed to push emotional buttons, and largely successful in that design.
        I suspect they may try to set up a redemption storyline for Ben Solo, but as far as I’m concerned he’s irredeemable. Yes, that’s probably just because I’ve grown very attached to the original characters over my lifetime, but I’m hardly the only hardcore fan in existence. They knew what the reaction would be to anyone killing Han Solo. That it was someone he loved and still seemed to trust made it all the more emotional. And again, he chose evil over his father, someone he loved. It’s tough to come back from that. That his father was also loved by a huge fanbase won’t make it easier.
        And that’s why I would much prefer if they just let Chewie tear Kylo apart. At least let him avenge the man he couldn’t save.


        • Killing a main (or previously main) character is a bold choice, but for what purpose? (That’s a rhetorical question. Your reply contains an answer.) To me, I’d have liked it if he had instead lead Han on, and did an “about face” in the next movie where he’d kill him then. See, in this movie Kylo Ren was shown to be struggling with the Dark Side. I feel like if they had let him “go to the Light Side” but in his heart he was still evil, that would be a better story. The way it was, it was almost like he didn’t really have to struggle very hard to reveal to himself that he is evil.

          Maybe it was just that the movie seemed to fly through the storyline very quickly. The pacing was good for a fun movie experience but not good for exploring the story to reach full impact for all viewers (not just the hardcore).


  5. Davidbo33 says:

    I’ve been watching Star Wars for longer than I can remember. Literally, I don’t remember the first time I watched it. My parents have “stories” of me in my younger years (of course all parents do) watching it and referencing it. The funniest being when I was in kindergarten or preschool and I asked another kid’s mom, who was wearing a fur coat, if she was Chewbacca. I have no memory of it at all, but that’s pretty funny. (Not to toot my own horn, but beep beep.) So I grew up with it and watched the originals ten or more times each.

    Then the prequels came out and I was excited…and to echo the sentiments of DrTyler, they sucked. The second was as bad as the first, so bad I didn’t even want to bother with the third but I felt I needed to. The third is the best of the lot, but still not something I could watch over and over. Part of me wonders if I just had my expectations set too high, and nothing could live up them. I mean this was Star Wars, the movies I’d been watching all my life! I rewatched the prequels a few years later, and no, I still didn’t care for them.

    Going into The Force Awakens I really had no expectations. I wanted to like it, but to be honest, I didn’t think I would. But I did like it. Maybe not as much as the originals, but so much more than the prequels and it has me wanting to see what happens next.

    I don’t know that I can add much to your discussions but I do think Rey is Luke’s daughter. Not only does she not know it, but maybe he doesn’t either. And with that, perhaps Rey has a sibling (that he does know about)…but maybe that would be too much like the originals. History repeats itself…again. As far as Rey and Padme resembling each other I never thought that, either, until someone mentioned it on an open thread. They do look similar but you could say that about how many actresses, was it intentional is the question.

    Before seeing it, I tried to avoid all spoilers, and I did for the most part. But when Han was killed, well I didn’t know…but I knew. (Maybe it was brooders post. 😛) Maybe it was because I was expecting it, or maybe because I’m a guy, or maybe I’m just dead inside (joke) but I didn’t have any real emotional reaction when it happened, either. I would like to see Chewie get his revenge but that doesn’t seem plausible against Kylo, unless he’s somehow incapacitated. Who knows where it’ll go but I’m looking forward to it.

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    • DrTyler says:

      I would actually love it if Rey had a twin! Maybe a little on the nose for some people, but twins do tend to run in families.

      Yeah, I know Chewie won’t actually be able to take Kylo out. That’s pure wishthinking because I want to see it happen.

      I went into Force Awakens with high expectations because everyone was talking about how they had fixed Star Wars and how spoilers shouldn’t be breathed. I came out of the theater echoing those sentiments, and not only was I totally disillusioned about the franchise, but I usually don’t care about spoilers at all. With plenty of functional special effects, a new desert world, a new hero droid, and (I think) a new Skywalker, this was Star Wars again, truly updated for our times but retaining much of what made it great. I wish Disney would remake the prequels so they don’t suck so bad.

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      • Funny about the remake. Hah.

        So when exactly did the no spoilers start for TFA? Just because it didn’t suck?

        Not true for me. When I went into the theater people were coming out discussing the movie. No care for passerby. When I left (not right away) another group was outside trying to spoil TFA virgins. The second time was no issue for me, just not exactly people making sure not to spoil people.


        • DrTyler says:

          Every review I heard or read refused to spoil. There was even an extension written for Chrome to catch and block spoilers. Yeah, there are people who did everything they could to spoil it. I call those people “douchenozzles.”

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      • Davidbo33 says:

        If Chewie had come out of the woods after Rey and Kylo’s fight and ripped him limb from limb it would have been great to see…but then where does it go? I’m sure a lot of people would agree that Kylo is irredeemable, but what if somehow he gives up his life, to save Leia? Or Rey? I’m not saying I think any of this will happen, just throwing it out there.

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    • *beep* That is funny.

      I read that there were plenty of people going into Force Awakens with expectations. That it would/should be good is a simple one. I’d say that was mine. I didn’t care in what way it was good (such as sticking closely to the rest of the saga) just that was. Better than the Prequels was the low bar it needed to pass. Hah.


    • Thanks for adding to the discussion. It’s here for you when you feel like joining in. No obligation intended.

      I don’t really want too many parallels. The ones that I noticed seem plenty. But if she has a sibling, it should be Finn. Maybe he’s a half-brother. Did you notice their origins are a bit similar. She stranded on Jakku, he abducted from who knows where. They’re basically both abandoned children.


      • Davidbo33 says:

        If Rey and Finn are related it would be a little too Luke-Leia-y for me. Finn seems a bit smitten with Rey and I don’t need to see any more brother sister kissing ha!


    • Thanks for so far confirming that all us men are emotionless robots. 😉

      Someone said that they saw it coming too, but I don’t think they were spoiled. I sensed it, and knew, as well, before it happened.


  6. DrTyler says:

    I’m starting a new comment because we’ve replied too many times and I’m running out of reply buttons 😀

    Luke is a strong Jedi, but he wouldn’t necessarily sense offspring through the Force unless he was trying to, and even then he might fail. Anakin/Vader didn’t seem to know he had two children running around until he heard about Luke from Palpatine, and then later caught a stray thought Luke had about Leia. Powerful and mystical it might but the Force doesn’t grant omniscience.

    My swearing was definitely not of the PG-13 variety. Trust me, when I swear, I do it right 🙂
    In terms of Lucas’ involvement with the films, he wrote the first film with help, and directed it. The second film was written by two people who were not George Lucas, and directed by someone who was also not George Lucas. The third film was written in part by him but not directed by him.
    Lucas wrote and directed ALL THREE prequels. The boring politics, the awful midichlorian cop-out, the incompetent Jedi council, and the abysmal performances of most of the actors, those things are all directly on his head. In other words, George Lucas is everything wrong with Star Wars. I don’t care that it was his idea; other people are clearly better at executing that idea.
    Of the prequels, RotS is inarguably the best one, but it still doesn’t live up to any of the originals, or to FA.

    Rey might not look exactly like Padme, but I still think the resemblance is there. I don’t look exactly like my grandmother, either, just resemble her around the eyes and nose. And I fully acknowledge that it might be a matter of them both being pretty young actresses, with the faces and bodies that pretty young actresses tend to have. But the hair, eyes, cheekbones, and jawline… I don’t know if it was deliberate or not, but combined with the lightsaber calling to Rey, I don’t think it was entirely coincidence.


    • Yeah. Starting over in replies is fine. When we get too deep I’m not getting new message alerts (only in email and on the page itself).


    • You win again. 😛 So true. So only Yoda would know? I’m not sure about the disturbances they felt. It’s just that it’s not a specific feeling, like having offspring?


      • DrTyler says:

        Granted, Force senses are a little bit “as the plot demands,” so it can be tough to pin down exactly what a Jedi can or cannot pick up on. But in terms of the disturbances they feel, they can be pretty vague. Obi wan sensed the destruction of Alderan, but he didn’t know what had happened specifically, or he would have said they couldn’t go to Alderan. Vader could sense the presence of Obi wan, and later Luke, but that seemed to have a limited range. When he first encountered Luke in a dogfight, he noted that “The Force is strong with this one,” but did not say, “Hey, that has to be my kid! I thought my wife and her unborn child(ren) died!” So, I think they need to know someone before they really sense their specific presence, and they need to be within the same atmosphere to sense them at all. Just a guess.

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  7. Vanessa M. Y. says:

    After reading the whole post and all 44 comments that have been approved so far, I have some random thoughts I’d like to share.

    Whoa! Have I been absent for too long? I didn’t even know you had started your own blog. If it wasn’t for the snowstorm and me wanting to check on the Open Thread if everyone from TSTOaddicts was okay, I would’ve never known of your blog.
    BTW, I blame TFA for me walking away from TSTOaddicts. I boycotted Internet completely in mid-December because I wanted to avoid ANY kind of spoilers. Then I started noticing how much of “real life” I was missing out on because of that site – sad to say this, I know. Then I decided to just walk away from reading the comments and therefore from commenting. Was still reading the posts, though. And I must say, due to me not reading the comments anymore, I’m playing TSTO at a healthy pace now. It isn’t nearly as fun as it was before, but it is okay.

    1. SW-related thoughts now: have you heard about the Jar Jar Binks theory? I know he is a widely hated character in the SW world, and maybe you dislike him too, but seriously, there are two things in life I’m certain about – one is death, the other is that Jar Jar was supposed to be a Sith Lord but Lucas changed the plot because of the horrible backlash. My boyfriend and I even watched episodes 1 and 2 after watching the video about the theory on YouTube, and it’s impossible that is all just a coincidence. I’m pretty sure you’ve watched the video I’m talking about, but in the case you didn’t, here’s the link:
    2. I agree that both Rey and Finn being good at physical fight (lightsaber) is pretty unbelievable, but the “Force fight” between her and Kylo was, in my opinion, awesome. When Kylo finally gave up taking the information from her using the Force, I realized I had stopped breathing and I was nearly suffocating. I just wish the actor who portrays Kylo was better. Fortunately that girl’s performance is spectacular.
    3. I also agree that the level of comedy was too high. And I disliked the fact that sometimes it was very clear what BB-8 was thinking, unlike R2-D2.
    4. I have a friend who is familiar with the Expanded Universe and he, too, talked about a certain Mara Jade. But as DrTyler said, they’ve thrown out the EU books, so who knows… Didn’t Chewbacca die in one of the books, for God’s sakes?
    5. I have seen a theory about Rey that she would be Obi Wan’s granddaughter. It definitely did NOT convince me; actually I thought they pushed it too hard. In case you didn’t see it and you got curious, here’s the link:
    6. I have also heard about a theory that Kylo Ren would actually be a “good guy”; the Severus Snape of the Star Wars world. As I didn’t read anything about it, just heard if from a friend, I won’t post a link.

    That’s all. It was very pleasant to find out that you had created a blog of your own. Your English is more… how can I say this… well, it suits better my reading style. Que a Força esteja com você!


    • Were you okay? I had one day of non-sticking snow. Just rain now.

      Glad you have come back. My blog is nothing serious, unless you love it, then it is. 😉 It’s mostly about stats. Just the one SW post and that’s mostly for us to chat on this subject.


      • Vanessa M. Y. says:

        I was okay, thank you for asking.

        Just out of curiosity, have you edited my post? I had put numbers in the beginning of every thought, and they are gone, along with the space between them. Just wanted to know if I’m doing something wrong. I’m an Internet noob.


        • I didn’t edit your comment, no. I’m not sure about what happened. Let me try…

          1. Let’s see what happens here. There should be a “1. “

          2 This is another list item, should say “2 ”

          Just so you know, you can write up your comment using “markup“, which would render Number-period-space as a list.


        • Wow, that’s weird. Instead of a “1. ” there’s a “A. “… lol.

          Well, still not sure why they’re not there except that markup fuckedup (language…apologies…).

          Would you like me to add numbers in? Every paragraph?


    • Welcome to my “blog”.

      Even if I disagree with things in the movie it doesn’t mean they can’t still be awesome, like the fight. That’s why Abrams was a good director for this. When they work out the issues the next movie will probably be flawless, more like Strikes Back.

      I hadn’t thought of BB-8 being easy to read. Even so, that seems fine with me as the different droids have different personalities. I like it that way.


    • Thanks for the compliment on my “English”. hah. I’m surprised by that. If you feel like listing any reasons…. well, I always thought I thoroughly confused you with my English. haha!

      (And, um, I don’t know Portuguese. 😛 I see “force” and “voice” and maybe the word “with” and “what”. “What to force *gibberish* with [your] voice”?) Lol, “May the Force be with you”…. Yep, I apparently don’t know Portuguese.


    • Thanks for the links. I did not know the details on the Jar-Jar theory, and I hadn’t heard about the Obi-Wan granddaughter theory.

      Really convincing Jar-Jar theory… the music is what sells it. 😉 But yes, I might be a subscriber now. Crazy!! I agree about how Yoda was “annoying”, and another part of the mirroring is that he has a strange way of speaking English (his word order is out of order to the norm) while Jar-Jar has that odd Caribbean style speech. I liked Yoda’s “annoyancies”….whereas I didn’t like Jar-Jar’s. Too bad Lucas backpedaled. This would have made his inclusion less pointless.

      The “Rey Kenobi” theory is a nice thing to wish for but I’m not as convinced as the Jar-Jar theory (how sad?). I hope it’s true, but any of the other paths (Skywalker or Solo relative) are just as good and possible.


  8. Vanessa M. Y. says:

    I have started another comment so I won’t get lost. I know you have split your post into various ones so it would look like many people were commenting (hah!), but I have just found out that the way you’ve set up the commenting area cannot be properly read on smartphones. Or maybe I just have a very old device.

    Yes, I would like you to add numbers in. I think you can see where they should be. 😉

    Thank you for the markup thing. I once tried to put words in italic, of course it didn’t work. But just as a precaution, I’m not going to put numbers/letters etc anymore. Just spaces between the paragraphs are fine.

    Are we allowed to use bad words here? 😛 lol. But I won’t use them anyway. I don’t know how to use bad words in English; I just don’t “feel” them. It is just not the same when it’s not our native language.

    Regarding your English… Well, first of all, I must say I can see you’re not a journalist 😛 and, I’m sorry for my honesty, the excessive use of parentheses makes the reader “tired” – parentheses are supposed to be used for additional information that were not directly related to what you were saying, which sometimes were not the case; just a comma would be okay (I think I’m just explaining this all because I’m just too embarrassed to admit that it actually bothers me. So sorry). But I understand it’s a blog, digital word, freedom of writing etc., so please just keep up on writing however you want.

    THAT being said, it really pleases me that I can’t find any grammatical or orthographical mistakes. Maybe there are (remember the vocative case? 😀 ), but I really can’t find them. I’m extremely OCD when it comes to Portuguese grammar/orthography – to the point that I can’t read any Portuguese blogs and I have blocked everyone (and I really mean everyone, including my boyfriend) from my Facebook News Feed. I’d rather not know about their lives at all than read horrible grammar/orthography. Of course I have some friends who can write very well, but I’m not interested about their posts anyway, so my Facebook News Feed is all news. Now if only Sandra started a blog of her own… 😛

    I’m okay with being confused with your English. I love Wookiee’s posts exactly because of that – his vocabulary confuses me; he uses some words, slang, idk, that are very peculiar. And Totbox has no idea how he (he’s a he, right?) made me laugh so hard so many times because of his great creativity; so many puns using the English language… I don’t think you can really understand how I appreciate learning, laughing and getting curious about English.

    It made me smile that you saw “voice” – it’s funny when you know a certain thing, and another person see it from a different perspective. “Você” doesn’t mean “voice”; it means “you”. Do you know Spanish? “Você” is the equivalent to “usted”. “Voice” in Portuguese is “voz”. That being said, it’s impossible to translate “May the Force be with you” word by word to Portuguese, and vice-versa. But yes, “Que a Força esteja com você” is 100% correct in Portuguese, nothing gets lost. It means just the same.

    I didn’t check the comments section, but I’m on the team that she is Luke’s daughter. My boyfriend believes she’s Han and Leia’s daughter. We’ll have to wait until December 2017 to find it out. 😥


    • Vanessa M. Y. says:

      Oh, and just so you know, I’m NOT back to TSTOaddicts. Anxiously waiting for Wookiee’s post, though.


    • We appreciate your feedback here at Stat! We hope you enjoy your Stay! Now that is enough of That! Time for what I really had to Say!

      Start all the new comments you like. I also use a mobile device most of the time and I know it is not perfect. I don’t have anything set up, it is whatever the “WordPress theme” implements. I did stop nesting at 5 levels. Others agreeing that you’d like less? 3 levels, perhaps?

      You can see how long these can get (sorry), 3 paragraphs in reply to just one of your paragraphs. Is this method not favorable to your mobile or reading situation? (I hope this doesn’t come across as defensive. Just explaining.)

      No, I am not splitting my comments to trick others to think there are more comments. I split, usually, when there are multiple topics to reply to in a comment. When the comment is long, the reply thread can get long. Then imagine if those multiple topics all had to be together each time. We’d have to label what we were responding to instead of just replying in a casual and direct way. (That’s just what I’m doing.)

      Last thing, while I use mobile, it’s not just through the browser, but I use the WordPress app. It is much more mobile friendly.


      • Davidbo33 says:

        I did not know there was a WordPress app. I just downloaded it. After trying it out, I prefer using safari on my iPad, but there are some things I like about the app. Is that how you can reply on TSTOA when there is no longer a reply button?


        • Usually those replies are from email that I then open in browser through the email link. You can always reply but it is done from the last “reply” available.


        • Sorry, I mean, yes. Most of those times are through the app or the panel when you’re logged in on the browser.


        • Davidbo33 says:

          You and Sandra have, on occasion, replied to a comment of mine when there was no longer the reply available. I know she gets email notifications (and figured you did too) and assumed you could somehow reply from there. I’ve used the WordPress panel to reply, but can only do that to a direct reply so there are some limitations. I’ll have to check out the app some more, see what else it might allow me to do.


    • Use native bad words, then. 😛

      Your honesty made me say “ouch”. 😦 But anyways, I agree…about the parentheses. I abuse them. I am probably trying to avoid over-commaing. Either way, that was one section I was less than happy with. But my article, in a sea of articles, was only intended to be a starting point for us “Addicts” to discuss the film, using spoilers freely, at least until anything is posted “back home”. I had already waited a month.

      I wrote it out, reviewed it, changed it, and published. Probably not professional. 😉


    • Thanks for the OCD stamp of approval. LOL 😛 Yeah, I’m a bit better at that stuff than choosing clause over parenthetical.

      Why Sandra? My OCD (not really OCD) notices enough preventable flubs… just typos mostly, if you ever happen to read this, Sandra.

      Onto Portuguese! Yes, I know some Spanish. But I think “você” would be more similar to “vosotros” or “vos”. I mean, literally, since I don’t know the actual meanings. Is “você” a formal “you”? Really, I was thinking of Italian “voce”…and who knows why I know Italian. Maybe from music.

      On translating the phrase, I think that I see every word, in order, except for “may”. “Que” appears to be “what” as I expected, according to Google. Don’t worry about explaining it to me.


    • I activated “mobile”. Let me know if that is a better experience for reading the comments.


  9. Vanessa M. Y. says:

    Q: […] Others agreeing that you’d like less? 3 levels, perhaps?
    A: I don’t really care about the levels. Don’t worry.

    Q: You can see how long these can get (sorry), 3 paragraphs in reply to just one of your paragraphs. Is this method not favorable to your mobile or reading situation?
    A: Both. I think it’s easier to reply all at once, but it’s okay that you split your comments. I do that (reply all at once) on Facebook chat, WhatsApp chat… It’s just the way I write. It is okay. But from the 3rd (?) level on, the comments on my phone start to mess up. The letters “exceed” the blog format; it’s like the letters and words were almost coming out from the phone (hope you understand this). But I’ll try reading later from my iPhone again and I’ll let you know.

    I mentioned Sandra because her English is impeccable in every aspect. Sometimes I see typos, but even then, I can see it was autocorrect’s fault, not hers. I know she knows grammar rules – punctuation, subject, direct and indirect objects etc. Her writing is very similar to mine when I write in Portuguese.

    “Você” is a neutral “you”. You’re not supposed to call older people “you”, unless you’re close to them, call them “senhor” or “senhora”; but you can use it in pretty much everywhere and in every context. “Você” is actually a word that has suffered many changes – its origin comes from “Vossa Mercê”, that later became “vossemecê”, “vosmecê”, “vancê” e “você”. “Vossa Mercê” was originally how people used to call Portuguese kings – its equivalent in English being “Your Highness”, I guess. At some point “Vossa Mercê” became widespread, and that’s why we have “você” nowadays, although the official Portuguese grammar only teaches “tu” as “you”. Oh, and because “você” comes from “Vossa Mercê”, it’s conjugated in the 3rd person singular. Just like you say “Your Highness is“, not “Your Highness are“.

    And “que” can either mean “what” or “that”. But specifically in this context, “que” is just used because of the verb in simple present subjunctive (“be” in English, “esteja” in Portuguese). But my explanation is useless because of “may”. We don’t have modal verbs in Portuguese.

    P.S.: I explained it all because I wanted to 😛 Portuguese grammar is beautiful and I wouldn’t miss the chance of trying to explain it to someone who doesn’t know Portuguese, lol.


  10. The Wookiee says:

    A fun post bud. Enjoyed it.

    Liked by 1 person

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