Area-Selection Mode

A new feature has been added to the design mode of the game. Let’s go over the details.

A new selection mode has been added to the game. You can access it by first entering the design (AKA edit) mode (the four arrow icon). There are two ways to activate it.

The first way is to tap the new icon.
[area-selection icon]

The second way is to long press an area of your town. Long press means to keep your finger down until a blue circle comes up and finishes “loading”.

From there you can follow the on screen instructions.




Once you have finished drawing the selection you can now move the entire group as one unit. Any simple placement will show up highlighted green.


Dragging of the selection can be done by tapping on any of the items in the selection group. Nearly all empty space, spaces that aren’t highlighted green which might be between two items or areas outside of the selection, can be used to drag the screen instead.

Sometimes there may be an issue to resolve. Selections can’t be placed onto roads (for most items). The selection base shows in orange. But this is easily resolved by removing the road (or river) if you select “yes”.


Placing an item over another item — the selection base will turn blue — will offer up a chance to “swap” the items. The items selected will still need to be placed somewhere highlighted green. If the swap is canceled while the items are overlapping the changes can be reverted. This can be done up to 5 times before either placing or resetting.

Any invalid location (mainly the ocean and the mountains) for an item will show up as red and will not be allowed.

The largest selection that can be drawn is 32 by 32 (the size of a square of 4 land plots). Your selection will include the full item even if only the edge of an item is selected. Which means it’s possible to select a group of items wider than 32 by 32.

Once the area-selection tool is activated the following are dimmed and are unselectable: roads (including water and pavement), pier tiles, unstoreable and restricted placement items (such as the Springfield Heights tunnel, Squidport entrance, the ornate pier entrance), and characters (including NPCs).

Setting the visibility on items before using the “lasso” will also dim those items and exclude them from the selection. Another new addition is separate visibility of “leisure”, “walls”, and “nature” instead of the single “decoration” category. This allows for a more precise selection to be made.

Lastly, the selected group can be sold or stored in bulk. A pop-up will inform you about the number of items to be sold or stored and if any of them include associated characters and if any number of the items are unstoreable. Just confirm and continue with storing or selling the items.


15 comments on “Area-Selection Mode

  1. Davidbo33 says:

    Very thorough and informative post! 👍 I’ve been playing around with this a little bit and as I’m in the early stages of what seems to be an entire town renovation I’m sure I’ll make better use of moving larger areas. But for now I really love the store all feature, essentially letting you mini-nuke small areas of your town at a time. It is so nice for storing fences, trees, and any small deco with just one button!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, dude! I’m going to be adding more images, hopefully soon. Was it clear about separating fences from trees and whatnot? Images always make it clearer, though. 😉

      There’s a little more to the swapping, too, but it’s complicated… You can swap and place and swap some more as long as you are fully green — and then you can still “revert”.

      I remember going over some musing about this feature before it was a reality. We tried to keep it from being too complex…haha, EA don’t care. 🙂

      Good luck on your reno! (Short for renovation…not for Reno, Nevada. lol)

      Liked by 1 person

      • Davidbo33 says:

        Haha, nice pun and abreev! I thought it was clear, about separating trees, fences, etc. The swapping feature is less clear, but not because of how you describe it. I think you need to do it for yourself to understand what will happen. I haven’t done much with that yet, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out as I use it more.


    • Vanessa M. Y. says:

      I’m not sure about this store all feature… I was going to use it with the items I had duplicated from the inventory glitch, but then a message pop-up appeared saying I was going to store 179 items and TWO CHARACTERS associated with those items? What the hell? I looked and looked, even dragged the selected area to a cleaner space to make sure there wasn’t a building at all (just decorations), and yet it said it was going to store two characters. I didn’t want to risk it and I cancelled it. Then I selected the very same area just to check what would happen this time, and when I tapped to store it all, it said I was going to store 179 items and zero characters associated with those items. 😯


      • Not being able to see what you had selected, my advice is to make sure to hide the visibility of Houses, since that is where most characters come from. There are a few “decorations” that come with characters.

        What item were you storing? Let’s say you were storing trees, then tap hide for “leisure” and “wall” and “houses” and all that’s left visible are trees and monorail track (which you can hide, too, if they’re nearby). This would hide the Danger Pool, but not Bart’s Treehouse.

        It’s just a guess, because I have all my characters on a 1h task, so I’ll have to check when they’re done, but maybe one of your characters was on a job in one of your decorations, and this was simply going to kick them out. I’ll let you know what I find out.


      • Okay, I just tried with Janey on a bench, but it only listed it as 0 characters before it kicked her off when I stored the trees.

        I’m not sure what else. I see that your totals were the same, but I wonder if you happen to have missed two of the items you really wanted (this has happened to me even though I thought I drew the selection wide enough) and instead got 2 character items (177 items plus 2 character items), and then the next time you only got your 179 items.

        The pop is very vague as to what you have selected, only listing the numbers. Try again another time, if there’s an issue try taking a screenshot.


        • Vanessa M. Y. says:

          I was storing cactus patches, ice fences, easter fences, pastel picket fences, biohazard walls, hieroglyph walls and festive nutcrackers. Don’t know how many of each, but definitely those were the items. And I’m very careful about sending characters on jobs… I really don’t know what happened. And unfortunately I can’t take screenshots due to a damaged power button.


      • Davidbo33 says:

        Did you store everything the second time? Like Stitch says, it’s hard to tell without seeing it. Maybe along the edges of the area you selected was a building with a character? I haven’t used it for real large areas yet, just cleaning up smaller spots and it worked well for me.


  2. Vanessa M. Y. says:

    Like Stitch says? Where’s Lilo? 😛

    No, I didn’t store anything. And no, there was no building anywhere… I had to purchase a whole strip of land to place the items from the inventory glitch. And the items I had selected were the ones mentioned in my reply to simp7.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Davidbo33 says:

      Stitch-Face AKA Thorny AKA Someone Else AKA Someone AKA simp7fan…did I forget any, Simp Awkward 7fan? Maybe you’ve given him an idea for a new name. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow on the open thread. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

      • simp7fan says:

        I don’t usually change my name on that exact day. 😛

        Yeah, you’re forgetting a few from before “Someone”. I’m back to my simple name. I didn’t exactly like being called Stitch. Stitch-Face, on the other hand… 😛

        Hah, I just realized you called me Simp Awkward 7 Fan. I like it. Another time, though.


        • Davidbo33 says:

          I didn’t mean you would specifically change it for the open thread. Just that now, perhaps, you would have an idea for a new name, if you so desired. Lilo & Stitch-Face. 😛

          I think I need a new name…I’ll have to think about it for awhile.


        • simp7fan says:

          I get it. Just literally I didn’t, but in spirit I was doing it partly for the threads. Just too late or too early.

          Your name seems fine to me. But I guess we’ll see if another name is even finer.

          Liked by 1 person

  3. TSTO Addict says:

    Very extensive instructions, much more detailed than TSTOAddicts, sorry Alissa/Bunny/Wookiee 😀


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