Push Notifications – Burns’ Casino

Push notifications sometimes offer additional info or an additional laugh, or they are there just to make our smart devices buzz so we’ll play again. Have a look at some that were pushed during the event.

Intermittent During Event

We’ve got an itch that just can’t be scratched: New Platinum Scratch-R at the Kwik-E-Mart. Now’s your chance to win a bigger jackpot than ever before!

Act 3

Gabbo’s not just a kids’ entertainer, he’s also a marital counselor! Get Gabbo on the prize track now and let a puppet stick a hand up your marriage!

Act 1

Act 1 is ending soon! Keep playing to unlock all the prizes and prepare your town for Act 2. And no, there won’t be an intermission.

Get Magic Act Milhouse on the prize track today! He can’t pull a rabbit out of a hat, but he sure can try to shove one in.

Get Mr. Burns’ Casino and start building your entertainment district today! The casino’s free, but the ‘complimentary’ shrimp cocktail is not.


You haven’t gambled in a while. That means you’re due to win. Come play!

Gamblers are trying to go home. Tap them to send them back to the casino!


2 comments on “Push Notifications – Burns’ Casino

  1. tiffany7291 says:

    I like to reread the comments…sometimes it’s easy to overlook them. & I think they are 1 of the funnest part of the game. Find myself laughing & my husband wonders what’s so funny.


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