Dirt Themed Teaser

Updated April 18th

The new event is coming soon. Check out the latest teasers to see why I’m determining that.

In-game teaser from the end of the Burns’ Casino questline:

If you love the parched, barren look of the real Las Vegas, get ready for desert-themed scenery in an update coming soon!

App store teaser:

It turns out the casino craze was just a craze – who knew – but what’s next for our favorite town? A dustup over dirt?  More casinos? Well, probably not that. We’ll figure out some new ideas after we go on that team building low ropes course Gary suggested.

New characters, new buildings and new stories are coming soon!

Stay tuned!

A teaser from Facebook:

Grass may be greener and concrete cleaner, but it’s on DIRT that duels are done. Play our update coming soon, get new dirt tiles for your town, and prepare for a showdown!

The latest teaser from Facebook:
[TSTO Dirt Teaser 2]

Remember, X marks the spot, XX means poison, and XXX is moonshine. Don’t mix them up, and play our update coming soon to find Springfield’s secret treasure!


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