Event Currency and Fires – Crook and Ladder

The Crook and Ladder mini-event has hit our devices today. Find out more about fires and Medals below.


[Gold Medal icon] Gold Medals (AKA Medals). They earn us prizes in this mini-event, from outfits to decorations to buildings.

You will earn Medals from:

  • Fighting (tapping on) a street fire (10 Medals)
  • Fighting a building fire (1 Medal)
  • Setting a building on fire when visiting a neighbor (1 Medal, up to 14)
  • Sending characters on jobs (50 Medals every 3 hours, 100 Medals for premium)


[Donut icon] 2 donuts to rush the character jobs.



[a house on fire]

Buildings that can be set on fire are:
Cletus’ Farm, First Church of Springfield, Android’s Dungeon, Java Server, Kwik-E-Mart, Krusty Burger, Springfield Library, Moe’s Tavern, Springfield Elementary, Springfield Downs, Brown House, Blue House, Orange House, White House, Burns Manor, Simpson Home, Flanders Home, Skinner House, Van Houten Home, and Wiggum House.
Setting them on fire also animates the building. You do not have to leave buildings untapped for neighbors to light a match.

[neighbor building with match icon]

14 Medals per day can be earned by setting fires on neighbors’ buildings. (It is probably supposed to be 15 friend actions that count, but there might be a glitch with rewarding that has been shared with other events, too.)


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