Push Notifications – Post-Casino Updates

Have a look at the push notifications from the minor events that followed Burns’ Casino.

Crook and Ladder

Fighting fire with fire is not meant to be taken literally, so get Firefighters Moe, Apu and more today before Springfield goes up in smoke!

Spring Cleaning

Gil’s got a hot property for you: Moe’s House! It’s got 2 BR and 2 BA, which stands for 2 big rats and 2 billion ants.

Nothing says Halloween like Gil’s Nightmare Pile. Well, except for the word Halloween. Get everything from clown beds to costumes today.

[ Yes, that was actually pushed in April. ]

Tired of spring cleaning? Get the Street Cleaner in the store today! And no, it doesn’t work. It’s actually meant to be pronounced, “Street clean? Er…”


One comment on “Push Notifications – Post-Casino Updates

  1. 02sb13 says:

    Thanks! I had noticed these but never taken the time to read them!

    Liked by 1 person

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