Push Notifications – Wild West Act 1

Push notifications sometimes offer additional info or an additional laugh, or they are there just to make our smart devices buzz so we’ll play again. Have a look at some that were pushed during the first act of the Wild West event.

Act 1

Get the General Store and finally fulfill your passion of buying dirt! (Yes, we read your diary.) Build Old Springfield one dirt square at a time!


Get Cowboy Homer on the Prize Track! Just stand upwind if he has beans. Unlock the entire Prize Track & complete the Act to unlock a new Act Finale!


Get Wes Doobner’s World Famous Rib Huts in the store today, where the special is always Roasted Bart Simpson plus some lovely seasonal sweet corn!


Get Frink’s Spider today and follow Frink’s plan to win gunfights:

  1. Don’t bring a gun.
  2. Do bring a giant robotic spider.
  3. Win!


Will Homer be able to hold onto his gold? Unlock a unique animated Finale today by collecting the five Act 1 pieces before the Act ends to find out!


Springfield is crawling with Bandits. Round them up now!

A no-good Prospector is searching for gold in your town!

Facebook exclusive posts

Get Buck McCoy in the store today and let this Western movie legend wrangle up some event currency! And maybe some cows. Or at least some whiskey.


Are you busting bandits faster than this writer can make an analogy? Get the Bandit Fort from Gil today, and generate 2x as many bandits as before!



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