Tumbleweed – Wild West

The first prize of Act 2 is the tumbleweed. It is a roaming NPC for your town. I have a few thoughts on this new “item”.


Firstly, I love that we get a tumbleweed for our town to go with the Wild West event. But, it got me thinking: Why didn’t we have tumbleweeds floating all over town, just like the winds of past events? If that were to have happened, we would have seen many tumbleweeds as we scrolled around town.


So, my second thought is that I’d love to have more than one of these tumbleweeds. The one we got is so small that I’m easily missing it when I try to find it. I don’t know if NPC ever have multiples released, but it makes sense for this one. I’d be willing to fork over up to 30 donuts for another. Cheaper would be better, of course.

The last thing I’ll mention is that when you tap on it, it pauses screen movement while it runs its animation. No other NPC or decoration does that. Makes it a bit less enjoyable.


That’s it. Comment if you feel similarly or not similar at all.


6 comments on “Tumbleweed – Wild West

  1. Davidbo33 says:

    The Frog Prince NPC from some Halloween past also causes the screen to pause. It has some dialogue when you tap him, too. Very annoying and was quickly sent to storage, never to be seen again.

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    • simp7fan says:

      Thanks. That’s right. I remember that guy now, but, I figured the pausing was due to the dialogue. Makes some sense. Maybe the tumbleweed was supposed to say “Rollin'” when you tapped it, lol.

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  2. Vanessa M. Y. says:

    I’ll have to test it again, but I tapped on it after reading your post and I could swear it didn’t pause screen movement. All the “icons” on the game do disappear while the tumbleweed runs its animation, but that was all… As I said, I’ll check again later. I can’t find it now.

    I agree we should have more than one, but I would like to be coded to be dirt and dirt roads only. It would make more sense, I guess, and easier to find and be found.


    • simp7fan says:

      I had it on my dirt road but it’s harder to see than the paved roads.

      I meant the icons disappeared, not that all other animations stopped. Just that I couldn’t interact with anything nor move the screen/scroll. If you were confused…


      • Vanessa M. Y. says:

        Lol your screenshot shows Skinner, Flanders and Krusty all static! I thought they were supposed to be doing some task animation and they all stopped whatever they were doing in order to let the tumbleweed go poof with all attentions focused to it 😂

        Maybe that’s fate telling me to quit ~smoking~… Nah. Everyone is allowed a brain fart every once in a while. 😉


        • simp7fan says:

          Oh, I see. Nah, they were often in the way. I have a few blocked screenshots, and some where they’re walking. Just, you know, trying for them out of the way. Just outside of the crop is other characters walking.


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