Push Notifications – Whacking Day 2016

Push notifications sometimes offer additional info or an additional laugh, or they are there just to make our smart devices buzz so we’ll play again. Have a look at the couple that were pushed during the Whacking Day 2016 update.

Whacking Day is back and more humane than ever with pats, smacks, and even the occasional take-back. Play today to get your Whacking Day exclusives!


Don’t miss your chance to pick up Whacking Day exclusives. Because Whacking Day is like Tax Day – it only comes twice a year. Right? No? Oh no…



2 comments on “Push Notifications – Whacking Day 2016

  1. Vanessa says:

    Funny thing… You write posts about push notifications and I have never gotten a single one of them, in three and a half years that I’ve been playing. I’ve turned them off since day one. It never really bothered me, but now I feel like I’m missing stuff…


    • simp7fan says:

      Most of them are also on the Facebook page. You can keep them off and still get a taste.. Or just enjoy the ones I post.

      The one that never show up are the ones saying your building is finished or someone dropped a prospector in your town, etc. But, those are also the most annoying ones to get. If I were you, I’d just keep on going as you were. 🙂

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