Push Notifications – Wild West Act 3

Push notifications sometimes offer an additional info or laugh, or they are there just to make our smart devices buzz so we’ll play again. Have a look at some that were pushed during the final act of the Wild West event.

Act 3

The town may have won the battle but will the bandits win the war? Play Act 3 today for the final showdown! Or just wait until the movie adaptation.


You got the guts to take down the Wanted Bandit?

Longshot Skinner is on the prize track today! Get him quick before we’re subjected to his origin story – it isn’t pretty.


Struggling with dysentery? Saloon door splinters? Seductively dressed cattle? Prairie Maggie will show you the ropes to surviving in Old Springfield!


It’s the final dustup! Will the Springfielders be able to save their town? Collect all the Act 3 pieces to see the fight come to life and find out!



Springfield is crawling with Bandits. Round them up now!

A no-good Prospector is searching for gold in your town!


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