Alternatives to Falling Asleep at the Wheel

Hello, reader(s).

So while I take a siestaZzz on this site, I’d like to make any visitors aware that my sister site (my sister being Sam), the TSTO UK blog, has some coverage and articles. Sites like ours are good in addition to Addicts and others because you can find some articles published earlier than over there, plus any fully unique articles. 🙂 Plus, who doesn’t like rooting for the little guy!?

Anyways, check them out. Robobot and HappyTapper are at your service. Lube job while you wait.
Lube job while you wait?

ZzzOh, did I forget to tell anyone about that? I must have fallen asleep…


15 comments on “Alternatives to Falling Asleep at the Wheel

  1. brooders says:

    Hi Simp7fan 🙂

    I just wanted to say that I completely agree with your views on COG. How unbelievably rude he was to you! I’ve commented over there now too as it made me angry enough to say my ‘edited and toned down’ piece.

    Why not come and have some fun over at Tapped-out.Co.UK

    I miss Sam too! So quiet without him lol!
    Brooders ♡

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    • simp7fan says:

      Thanks, brooders! I assume you mean that my comment was at one point approved….but I don’t see it over there anymore. I guess it was deleted. I wonder what you said, but I’m sure the tone was supportive and all that good stuff, so thanks again! 😉

      I might check out the place (to-uk). Everyone’s bugging me about it. lol. We’ll see.

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    • simp7fan says:

      Sorry if that was misinterpreted, but he wasn’t rude to me specifically but to people “like me”… I took offense at it because of how he had written about it on his blog. I was partially being defensive on behalf of others mostly because I am not any kind of regular over there. But if he is now active at Addicts then I might well be within his net of insults. Y’know? Yeah…. Moving on, hopefully. 🙂

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    • simp7fan says:

      Oh, um, turns out he was rude to me directly. lol. So, ignore that other comment and accept more thanks, brooders! lol 🙂

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  2. feliciafancy says:

    Hey Simp7fan would love to see you over at Tapped-out.Co.UK

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  3. HappyTapper says:

    Thanks “sister” LOL
    Hope to see everyone there 😊

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  4. HappyTapper says:

    BTW, what happened with you and COG? Something to do with Comment War. Did I miss something?

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  5. simp7fan says:

    Hah, if you check out my new post (and the teaser for the new event) it’s funny how I said something about “wheels” here and the next event might involve a wheelchair!!!! I’m going to say that means I’m back in. 😉

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