Future Soon To Roll In

Update: New event is confirmed to be on its way. Source – LPNintendoITA.

The new event is on the horizon. Not only did we get the Facebook teaser the other day, but today we find — via the EA forums — a new splash screen (after the break).

Watch out when sending your characters on long tasks. We can probably expect an app store release of around noon (Pacific Time), so keep your characters free after that and then on short tasks.


Good luck to everyone on your future endeavors! Roll ’em if you’ve got ’em! (Wheelchairs, that is.)


7 comments on “Future Soon To Roll In

  1. tiffany7291 says:

    You think it’s going to be a futurama cross over event….especially since they’ve already been on the show?


    • simp7fan says:

      I don’t exactly think that. If anything we might well get “appearances” by Futurama characters, but they’ll leave just like Lyle Lanley did in the Monorail Event.

      If I had to wildly guess, maybe Hawking opens up a time portal with a black hole (see image) and pulls the entire town of Springfield into the future, or maybe just Homer. Let’s say the second version, and then everyone he meets there is older and all the tech is cooler. It’s probably based around a certain episode or two, but I, sadly, haven’t seen those episodes.

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      • tiffany7291 says:

        Lol…..& let’s not forget the doppelganger hint….I’ve been taking a few days off from TSTO due to a personal problem…but I’m trying to get prepared mentally for this event…

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  2. HappyTapper says:

    Super excited! Do you think you will get items to make a future part of your town or do you think it will be like an extension where you place items in another dimension?
    Whatever it is there better be futuristic scenery and the chance to buy/craft multiple floating cars!

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