The Crack In Space-Time Is Showing (Update Live)

Woah … where am I? I seem to have been transported to another dimension of TSTO, Stat! away from my dimension of TopiX, TOuk and my blog. Weird … Well, whilst I am here I might as well tell you that the Sci-Fi event is live!

So far it is only on IOS but I will update this as different platforms are added. Try and work your way through it and have fun … it’s a game! Nothing to get stressed about 😉

Have fun and check back soon in case I return to this dimension to update you on more. Happy tapping statters – is that what you are called?

I think they’re called Stat Infections. 😉 – Simp

16 comments on “The Crack In Space-Time Is Showing (Update Live)

  1. 1st-J_C says:

    Hi! Maybe you have noticed this or read it somewhere but since the update, the price of building KEMs remains at 220, no matter how many of them you have. I don’t know if this is intentional or not and EA will change this eventually but I’m going to take advantage of this as long as it lasts: I’m building a large KEM farm with the collider activated to get lots of bonuts 😀🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩.

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    • simp7fan says:

      I’ve been away, but yes I noticed when I finally updated the game myself (this is Happy Tapper’s post) and then read TOPIX for the changes. I guess it might make sense to store a large area of their buildings and place a bunch of KEMs. I visited one town and saw a huge amount of them. I just went to visit your town… now that’s a lot! lol.

      Thanks for sharing another great blitch! (Or is it basically a typo?)

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      • 1st-J_C says:

        If this is truly a blitch, EA will end up fixing it and the KEM price will be raised. So just in case, I’m storing the KEMs instead of selling them when I farm donuts. They are pretty inexpensive and you only get 55 when you sell it, but if the price is raised you’ll get much more.💲💲💲💲💲

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        • simp7fan says:

          I was considering doing that, too! Thanks for posting your comment. I guess I WILL do that too!! 😀

          I was thinking just if a patch hit that I’d hope to sell them after the patch, but your idea is way better. Recouping the money later (even if not inflated) is an easy thing to do when you have million in the bank. 🙂

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    • simp7fan says:

      New update patch has “fixed” the blitch. I wonder how many KEM I have in stock. How many did you end up with, 1st-J_C? (BTW, can I call you JC or something?)

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  2. brooders says:

    Thanks for mentioning all us fools of TOUK over at 😀

    Come and play with us! ♡

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