Frink’s Lab + LadyBot : Is It A Deal? – SciFi Event

I’m breaking down (not a robot-based pun) the Frink deal. Is it a deal? Let’s find out…

Frink’s Lab (including Frink) and LadyBot are being offered for 200 donuts followed by a 75 donut rebate. Frink’s Lab was originally offered for 150 donuts. A 75 donut rebate means that LadyBot is “free”, while Frink and his Lab only costs 125 donuts (an effective 25 donut discount).

Alternatively, if you already own Frink’s Lab, the Future-Proofed Home is bundled with LadyBot for 100 donuts. There is no rebate on this bundle. The Future-Proofed Home is 45 on its own (for those being offered the Frink bundle), thereby making LadyBot cost 55 donuts.

LadyBot is a brand new character with a full task list. A specific price for her is unknown, but seeing as EA is offering her in the Frink bundle for 50 more donuts, and also the 55 donut value mentioned above, I’d wager she “costs” between 50 and 55 donuts.

Is this a good deal?

First, the Frink + LadyBot offer is a deal. It’s a better deal if you really wanted Frink already. LadyBot being valued at less than 60 donuts seems fair for a fairly unknown character. Having her be “free” in the bundle is even better. It’s not really a “get this deal even if you don’t like the characters” deal. (As far as I know, this is the first discount for Frink’s Lab.)

Second, paying for her outright in the Future-Proofed Home + LadyBot bundle is not a deal, besides her being a cheap character and the building being a fairly cheap building.

What did you think of the deal? Did you snap it up right away? Leave a comment and share your opinions.

14 comments on “Frink’s Lab + LadyBot : Is It A Deal? – SciFi Event

  1. simp7fan says:

    FYI, LadyBot’s alternate name is Anne Deroid. (I did not make this up. I looked it up…)

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  2. simp7fan says:

    I bought Frink and LadyBot and the Future-Proofed Home. Not feeling so enthusiastic about the home anymore, but Frink and LadyBot are nice. LadyBot even earns event currency during her questline.


  3. vanessamy2542 says:

    Hi, Simp.

    Please tell me you know about the blitch where apparently you get unlimited currency. David is useless. (Hi, Dave!)

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  4. Jozhster says:

    Hey simp, didn’t know you was doing your own blog, prefer this Sib then to Alyssa’s. Short sweet and to the point lol

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