Future Soon To Roll In

Update: New event is confirmed to be on its way. Source – LPNintendoITA.

The new event is on the horizon. Not only did we get the Facebook teaser the other day, but today we find — via the EA forums — a new splash screen (after the break).

Watch out when sending your characters on long tasks. We can probably expect an app store release of around noon (Pacific Time), so keep your characters free after that and then on short tasks.

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Alternatives to Falling Asleep at the Wheel

Hello, reader(s).

So while I take a siestaZzz on this site, I’d like to make any visitors aware that my sister site (my sister being Sam), the TSTO UK blog, has some coverage and articles. Sites like ours are good in addition to Addicts and others because you can find some articles published earlier than over there, plus any fully unique articles. 🙂 Plus, who doesn’t like rooting for the little guy!?

Anyways, check them out. Robobot and HappyTapper are at your service. Lube job while you wait.
Lube job while you wait?

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New Superheroes Event Coming . . . Better Put On Underwear

Update: Superheroes 2 Event has hit iOS and Android!

A tease for the new Superheroes event has hit Facebook (see below). It seems that usually they would hit only a few days before the event is released. It could be that this one was prematurely released because of the accidental spoiler at the Kindle store. Or we’ll be looking forward to a second teaser.

So, it could release Tuesday June 14th, but that’s a day before Homer’s Chiliad ends and only 18 days after the last event. More commonly it would hit on its own week, Tuesday June 21st, which is also about 25 days since the last event ended. I’m not sure which way to place my bet but we’ll probably find out tomorrow.

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