This Could Get Wheely Out Of Control

In a last minute bid for your attention before the event hits, I’m going to speculate wildly on an addition to the game.

I just viewed the entire collection of TSTO splash screens. Seeing the new splash screen, I believe the key difference here is the inclusion of vehicles. When the monorail hit, the splash screen had an image of the monorail and it turns out that’s exactly what we got (I wasn’t sure at the time). This new image has some flying cars. Well, I’m not going to go so far as to say that we’ll get cars that fly, but I will wildly speculate that with the new hardware update that we’ll be getting moving vehicles on the roads. It might only start with new vehicles, but I can image a future (eh, *nudge*, eh?) where if we place vehicles on roads they go and if on pavement they park!

I think this can sort of be proved by an unused splash:
Unused Krustyland Splash
I think that the reason this splash was rejected was because the vehicles were on the road…something we cannot currently do in the game (save for a few anomalies).
Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but it looks like everything in a splash is available in that event. (Maybe one item or two is never offered, maybe background stuff.)

What wheely out there idea do you think might be coming to the game in less than half a day? Comment below. Anyone appreciate the puns? 😀

13 comments on “This Could Get Wheely Out Of Control

  1. simp7fan says:

    Hah, I just realized that that stupid street sweeper (stupid because it ruins my grand point) is roaming around on our streets. Eh, I still say this might be a sea change. 🙂

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  2. HappyTapper says:

    OMGosh it works! I sooooo hope you are right as that would be awesome!
    Everything in the splashscreen is available in the game, from what I have noticed, so maybe the Krustyland one was unused because of the ‘cars being put on road’ error and that we never got a giant purple squid 😢 LOL

    rEAlly hope you are right, plEAse EA. I hope you are rEAding this!

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  3. HappyTapper says:

    How hard would it be for EA to make vehicles that move? Just make them NPCs like the Street Sweeper 🙂 c’mon EA


    • simp7fan says:

      Yep, that’s the easy way.

      I’d like to see the complicated way, where you put them on roads they go and elsewhere they park. I think that will have to wait for the NPC cordoning off feature (where NPC have to wander within a certain area), since they might use the same “game technology”.


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